GRANITE Shock-Proof Construction


IP54 Rainproof


Made with 21700-type High-Energy cells


LED touch control


GRANITE SMART wireless connectivity


USB-C PD power source and data outlet


App monitoring


BB435 is the new battery pack from BLUESHAPE created for the B-Mount standard, with a modular mechanical construction completely redesigned and based on the new 21700 Li-Ion cell format, that offer improved efficiency thanks to a multi tab construction that reduces the internal impedance, ideal for high drain applications.

Due to its size and capacity it is ideal for demanding applications where power draw and runtime are mission critical.

  • Nominal Voltage: 28.8V (voltage range: 21.0V ~ 33.6V)
  • Nominal capacity: 15Ah - 435Wh
  • Max current draw: 20A
  • Solid and robust shockproof and rainproof construction IP54 certified
  • Two 5x RGB LED array located in the corner of the housing to guarantee maximum visibility at 270 degrees around the battery, even if the battery is installed upside down on a stabilizer or other devices.
  • The LEDs are activated by touch-sensitive switches that allow for several unique functions such as setting the LEDs to always on for an immediate and remote glance at the battery charge status during use, or varying the intensity of the LEDs according to the needs of the shooting environment.
  • The battery is further enhanced with more power options:

- 2x 16V D-Tap for a combined max output of 80W

- 1x USBC-PD 5V~20V up to 65W useful to power an array of devices

  • The USB-C output is also equipped for the useful and unique personal SMARTMon function that provides each user with the ability to interface with their battery via a simple USB-C data cable to monitor and control its functions in direct connection with our customer service
  • The new GRANITE SMART wireless connectivity boosts the usage in the field: compatible with most smartphone and tablets, connects immediately out of the box and helps to control all the batteries in real time during use without lengthy pairing operations
  • The new B-mount range is ready for use with the optional BSAFE, a market first metal bracket that secures the battery to the safety cable system when used on overhead equipment.
  • Size: 155mm x 105mm x 94mm (6.1" x 4.14" x 3.7")
  • Weight: 2.2 Kgs (4.85lbs)


Operating Manuals

GRANITE SMART B-Mount battery series operator manual (web version)

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