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Talking with the engineers at BLUESHAPE and understanding the extreme conditions we would be under, we needed a battery system, not just a battery. This is what impressed me about BLUESHAPE – not only their design, durability, and performance, but their battery system. BLUESHAPE is a system, like Panavision is a camera system. These batts get many more cycles than other batteries and you have the ability to easily talk to your battery and understand its history. For owner operators, this is huge. You obviously want to make this investment, but you want one that will last long and a system so that you can get the best out of your investment.

Shane Hurlbut    |     A.S.C.          www.hurlbutvisuals.com


For the Phantom Flex4K to achieve its exceptional performance it requires a constant supply of high current from the connected battery, so the performance of the battery adapter plate and battery will be need to be exceptional too. During the testing that we carried out other VPlates failed due to arcing caused by the high current discharge with resulting damage to the battery contacts. BLUESHAPE has designed and manufactured a battery plate to accommodate these demands and the result is extremely high quality and something we can all be proud of. I am excited about this new BLUESHAPE adapter and recommend them in combination with their high performance batteries for our new Phantom Flex4k camera.  

Toni Lucatorto    I   Cinema Product Manager at Vision Research        www.visionresearch.com

To me BLUESHAPE are the best batteries around. I have batteries that are still functional after 9 years of service. Moreover the runtime I get from the larger models is incredible and is just right for my productions that normally require long hours of non-stop shooting.
I'm also very happy with BLUESHAPE chargers. They never let me down.

Alvin Scicluna    |   Producer         www.gozotv.com      CVC on VIMEO   

After 8 years, I have now switched over from Anton Bauer, to BlueShape batteries for all of my power needs. They are smaller, lighter, put out more power, and are really well engineered (They test the prototypes by dropping them from 5' onto concrete FIFTY times, then make sure they still work.)
The 100 model powers my Alphatron EVF and camera while recording ProRez 422HQ to SSD for over 3 hours, then it can still play back for another 30 minutes. You can also take them inside the plane when you travel with your camera.

David Hurd   I   Producer, Writer, Director       www.dhpvideo.com

Having a reliable power source is critical to my business and camera operations. I use and rely on BLUESHAPE batteries day after day. The batteries charge quickly and perform perfectly time after time. Being able to use high capacity batteries without size and weight issues is of major benefit. The BV140 model is the workhorse the drives my equipment whether it be cameras, monitors or led lighting.

Daniel Shaw   |   www.dsconsultancy.com

It was a pick up shoot in the Great Montana wilderness. The temperature was -8 and the batteries held a charger honestly longer than any of the other batteries that we owned. I was on this one battery with no hot packs for most of the morning. Its a beautiful thing running the MIRO 320s off of V mounts. They last so much longer, for a camera where keeping the shot requires power in itself. Nothing is worse than losing your clip because of a power loss with that thing! I've very pleased.

Logan Triplett  I  Cinematographer       H e l i o C o l l e c t i v e

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July 2018

White is the new Black
Stefano Ceccon AIC Imago on stage with a unique setup of RED Helium together with special edition BLUESHAPE Minis, CELERE HS lens, a CARTONI tripod and VELVET LED panel, all in white.

June 2018

Iconic Shane Hurlbut taks about the advantages of GRANITE MINIs
Apart from the amazing power capacity in such a compact volume together with the unique patented Wi-Fi features, Shane also highlights the benefits of the compactness and the perfect streamlining of these Minis when powering RED cameras.

June 2018

BLUESHAPE solution to power ALEXA LF
BLUESHAPE introduces MVAL-LF the new battery mount interface designed to power ALEXA LF using High-Drain 14.4V V-Lock or 3-Stud batteries.




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