Boost your vision.

Boost your vision.

The mission of the company is to provide end-users with a selection of products that never fail to reach or exceed the expected levels in terms of quality performance and lifetime. BLUESHAPE engineers are continually studying camera operators requirements in order to further improve the merits and efficacy of the existing product range and contemporarily, design new ones to better cater for their needs.

B-Mount batteries

The new range of 28V high-energy cine batteries

Feature rich, like only BLUESHAE can do

PG700E AC Power Source

The portable AC power source for professional use, battery powered.

700W portable Pure Sine Wave Inverter in a robust construction with 1200Wh battery power.

Voted Product of the Year at NABSHOW 2022!

CMDUAL-PD Turbo Charger

The new Universal Charger for DV Powerpacks charging up to 2.5A per channel

Simultaneous Hi-Speed Quad charger

CVS4XL - up to 100W per channel

Simultaneous, Fast and Gentle, with a generous LCD for battery monitoring and immediate diagnostic

BMP955 & BMBP975 received the RED Approval

Approved for the RED® KOMODO

They new BMBP955plus and BMBP975plus received the RED approval to be used with full features with the RED® KOMODO

D-Tap to Double USB

Compact double 15W USB adapter

D-Tap converter to double USB with a compact and low-profile design for tidy cable management

Simultaneous Hi-Speed chargers

CVTR2P & CGTR2P: simultaneous, fast, compact and universal.

The new 2 position simultaneous chargers with DC UPS functionality

Power Station Mini

The RUGGED evolution for Field Production at 14V, 28V and 48V

Combine the energy of two V-Lock or 3-Stud batteries, and power yor devices in the field at 14V 28V and 48V, up to 280W

GRANITE HDplus series

Outstanding performance up to 20A in V-Lock and 3-Stud mount

The range of the incredible, feature rich, GRANITE TWO batteries grows-up with the HDPlus series capable to discharge up to 20A.

Compact, Powerful: GRANITE MINI

Small size Big brain, Wi-Fi enabled

A range of new incredible small batteries, feature rich, now available with V-Lock mount and 3-Stud mount.

Patented GRANITE Link

The handy tool for battery control on the field

A must-have App, free of charge, to help managing the battery fleet on the field. Works with GRANITE TWO and GRANITE MINI.