Battery Hot-Swap


UPS backup battery


10A Max Draw


Data exchange


Universal and Multipurpose


MVQUICK is a hot swap system to be installed as a battery interface between the camera (or any other V-lock compatible device) and the battery pack. The main purpose is to allow camera battery replacement without any power interruption through an automatic detection of the battery removal. See the principles of operation.
Additionally, MVQUICK provides an alternative power source of about 21Wh to be used as UPS in case of a sudden power failure or extended power requirements. The high-load cell technology permits discharging of up to 10A when used as a stand alone power source.
Automatically recovers a part of the energy spent during the hot swap period upon reinstatement of a fresh battery, and due to this features allows several hot swap operations without needing any further charge.
If used as UPS device, it can be charged normally on standard Vlock chargers.
MVQUICK is designed to work perfectly with cameras using BLUESHAPE battery communication protocol.

  • Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
  • Voltage range: 10.8V ~ 16.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 1.5Ah, 21Wh
  • Max. discharge current: 10A
  • About up to 10~15 minutes runtime when used standalone as an UPS backup battery
  • Installable on any V-Lock enabled device
  • Self charging through the installed battery, can be charged also on any V-Lock chargers
  • Allow data communication from battery to camera
  • Size: 142 x 83 x 50mm (5.59" x 3.27" x 1.97")
  • Weight: 0.49Kg (1.08lbs)
  • NEW: enhanced contact protection for safer air transport


Operating Manuals

MVQUICK series operator manual


CE certificate of conformity for MVQUICK

Material Safety Data Sheet for all BLUESHAPE batteries v1.9

UN38.3 IATA Transport declaration for MVQUICK

Application Notes

2014 update of the IATA air transport regulations for rechargeable lithium ion, with a dedicated focus on BLUESHAPE batteries range