MVQUICK - Principles of operation


MVQUICK is installed as an interface between the battery and the device to power.
During normal operation, the battery powers the camera and MVQUICK monitors the battery for an immediate takeover in case of need.

Battery Removal

When the battery is removed or when it becomes empty (with voltage below 13V) MVQUICK provides instantaneous power to the camera without any interruption.
As soon as MVQUICK starts to operate, the LEDs light up indicating the state of the available internal power.

Usage as independent power source

In case of emergency, MVQUICK can even be used as a stand alone power source (21Wh available when fully charged).
It provides around 10~15 minutes of further runtime even in use with power hungry devices.
During all this time the LEDs remain lit.

Battery reinstallation

When a new battery is installed (with battery voltage > 14V), MVQUICK turns off automatically leaving the battery to power the device.
The energy lost by MVQUICK to sustain the camera during the battery swap operation is automatically and silently replenished from the fresh battery without affecting the operation. This process allows unlimited hot-swap operations and practically a continuous power source.
In case of need, MVQUICK can be quickly charged on any V-Lock charger as a normal battery.