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Adjustable Rod Clamp for Multi-Power plates


MVCLAMP incorporates a Wooden Camera® rod clamp for existing 15mm rod system, with a customized backplate provided with screw holes for installation of MVFULL or any other adapter of

the series, like MVBASIC or MVUSB.

The mounting system is adjustable, which is great for setting the counterbalance and for transitioning from studio to handheld mode.

Simply apply firm pressure to tilt the plate in place, then loosen the thumbscrew to slide the plate up and down and also to adjust the tilt.

  • Attach to existing 15mm rods
  • Backplate with standard fitting for BLUESHAPE Multi-Power plates
  • Reliable thumbscrews for simple but secure plate arrangement for tilting and sliding up and down
  • Weight: 0.245Kg (0.54lbs)

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