By default the battery is not protected by password.

To benefit of the Lock/Unlock protection it is mandatory to set a personal password in the battery.

The battery receive the same password set as default password in the App settings: set this password before attempting to protect any battery of your fleet.

How to proceed:

  1. Set the App default password first
  2. Click on the battery settings icon 1  at the bottom of the Battery Standard screen or the Advanced screen
  3. A screen is displayed with a list of buttons
  4. Tap on 1  to send the App password to the battery.
  5. The battery replies with a message

The password status can be seen in the Advanced screen as shown below ( 1 ).

If the battery is already password protected, the user is asked to enter the OLD password before sending a NEW one:

If the password is lost, it is possible to reset the battery password by entering a special security code: please contact your vendor or our support service in case of needs.