The battery has an automatic and pre-programmed timer, that shut-off the Wi-Fi transmission in case of prolonged inactivity to conserve battery power.

This Shutdown timer is set by default at 8 hours.

When no devices are connected to the battery and no Apps are browsing and checking the battery for such amount of time, the Wi-Fi transmission is turned off and the battery become unreachable until it is switched back on.

The default timer can be changed as needed following these steps:

  1. Click on the battery settings icon 1  at the bottom of the Battery Standard screen or the Advanced screen
  2. A screen is displayed with a list of buttons
  3. Tap on 1  to modify the Shutdown Timer
  4. Slide the scrolling-wheels to set the desired amount of hours and minutes, and tap on OK when done
  5. The timer is changed accordingly. The result can be seen in the battery Advanced screen below ( 1 )