The main battery screen contains several useful info, that are updated and broadcasted in real time



Battery Model and ID


Rename the battery for easier identification


Battery parameters updated in real time (see below); depending on the screen size they may not be completely visible: scroll the list to see more.


Find Me button: the 5th topmost RGB LED of the selected battery blinks red-green for some seconds to help identify the battery


Show the Advanced screen


Rental mode operations


Back to the main view


Show an Help screen with the App version


Lock/unlock the battery


Battery settings

Battery parameters:

  • Pack Voltage: battery pack voltage
  • Actual Load: discharge current (if negative); charging current (if positive) with actual power in Watts for simplified reading
  • State of charge: 0% to 100%. The icon became red if the capacity falls below 10%.
  • Expected Time: show the calculated expected time to empty of to full depending if the battery is in charge or in discharge.
  • Cell Temperature: internal pack temperature represented in the selected unit (see how to change)
  • Remaining Capacity: actual capacity in mAh
  • Full charge Capacity: is the maximum capacity in mAh that the battery can store when fully charged.
  • Cycle count:. number of charge/discharge cycles already experienced by the battery
  • Wi-Fi signal: quality of the Wi-Fi signal detected by the battery when connected as Client an Access Point
  • Rental Time Left. if enabled, tells ho many days/hours of rental are still available
  • Rental Usage Counter. if enabled, tells ho many hours of operation the battery has experienced since it has been rented, just for reference.
  • Rental Usage Time left: if enabled, tells ho many days/hours of battery use are still available
  • Model and Unique Serial ID: battery model and unique ID, useful for reference, when the battery is renamed.