The battery popup is a quick method to watch essential battery data in real time without leaving the App main screen.

Open the popup

To enable the popup, simply tap on the battery icon

When multiple batteries are displayed, the popup is shown over the related battery

The battery popup shows the following data:


Battery icon


WiFi signal level as detected by the battery


Icon indicating the state of charge. When the battery is charging, a plug icon is visible


Actual battery pack voltage


Actual Load: discharge current (if negative); charging current (if positive) with actual power in Watts


State of charge: 0% to 100%

Once the popup is displayed, it remains visible with information updated in real time, until it is closed.

Close the Popup

To close the popup, tap anywhere on the screen outside the popup.

Touching the popup a second time instead, the App displays the Battery Standard screen, with all the main real-time info.