The advanced screen show more technical info, useful for inspecting and eventually debugging the battery.



Battery Model and ID


Battery parameters updated in real time (see below); depending on the screen size they may not be completely visible: scroll the list to see more.


Find Me button: the 5th topmost RGB LED of the selected battery blinks red-green for some seconds to help identify the battery


Show the Standard screen


Enter in the Network settings page


Rental mode operations


Back to the main view


Show an Help screen with the App version


Lock/unlock the battery


Battery settings

Battery advanced parameters:

  • Single Cell voltage, gives an idea of the internal balancing or unbalancing
  • Battery Status: BMS status flags
  • Pack Status: BMS status flags
  • FET status: status of internal protection FETs
  • Actual battery firmware version.
  • Off-timer: It is reset continuously during interaction with the App; if there is no activity it counts down and when expired the Wi-Fi module automatically turns-off to conserve battery power. It is set by default at 8hours, but can be customized
  • Battery Password status: shows if the battery password is set or not. The battery can receive a password from the App, and it can be Locked/Unlocked only when this is set.
  • Restricted Mode is a caption that is displayed in case the battery has been setup to operate with a limited range of functions.