A great feature of this App is the possibility to protect the batteries by locking them to prevent the usage by unauthorized people.

With the terms "locking" the battery we refer to the condition when the battery is disabled and cannot release power, while it can still be charged.

The operation of locking and unlocking is fast and handy and can be executed every time it is needed.

How to proceed

  1. It is not possible to Lock a battery if the password is not set. To allow Locking and Unlocking it is mandatory that the battery is password protected. Furthermore, the password of the battery must match that of the App: when the user send a Lock or Unlock command to the battery, the default device password and the password stored in the battery are compared:
    - if they match, the requested action is executed
    - if not, the action fails
    For this reason, and to avoid unwanted action by unauthorized people, it is a good practice and it is strongly recommended to setup the App default password and the battery password first
  2. Click on the lock icon 1  at the bottom of the Battery Standard screen or the Advanced screen
  3. A large slider is displayed showing the actual status (the battery is Unlocked by default)
  4. Slide on the control to change the status to Locked. The battery execute the command and the result pops-up
  5. When the command is successful the lock icon is displayed in all the screens: in the main view ( 1 ), in the battery popup ( 2 ), in the Standard screen ( 3 ) and in the Advanced screen

The current Locked or Unlocked status is visible also through the battery blinking LED:

  • if the LED blinks green, the battery is unlocked and can discharge (default mode)
  • if the LED blinks red, the battery is locked and cannot discharge

A locked battery retains its state even if the Wi-Fi is turned off.