The default battery name is the combination of battery model and unique ID.

In some cases, when many battery are connected it may result difficult to read the list and quickly identify the proper battery in the field, as indicated in the picture below.

Which battery is which ?

Through this function it is possible to modify the battery name for simpler identification.

How to proceed:

  1. Tap on the Rename icon 1  in the top banner in the Standard screen or in the Advanced screen
  2. Enter the new nickname when requested (max 15 chars) and hit OK. The battery name is changed immediately.

The battery is now identified with the new nickname in all the screens as shown below.

The original battery ID remains in any case visible by scrolling to the bottom of the Standard screen to reveal the Model and Serial ID as shown above ( 1 ).

To revert to the default battery ID and delete the nickname assigned, repeat the operation, leaving the name empty when requested to change: in this case the default battery name (model and unique ID) is restored as battery identification tag.