Rental commands are special strings of 16 characters generated by the Blueshape Rental App with the purpose of setup, extend or clear Rental Timers.

Each string is created specifically for a particular battery and is not reusable after it has been sent to the battery for which it is intended.

When the string is generated, it must be sent to the battery following the procedure below.

  1. Enter in the Rent screen by clicking on the Rent button 1  at the bottom of the Battery Standard screen or the Advanced screen
  2. The input field ( 1 ) is divided into 4 sections for easier identification. Type the 16 characters code starting from the first field; the text is automatically adjusted to fill the input area. Alternatively, if the code has been received with a message or an email, it can be copied and pasted in any of the four fields: the 16 chars will be adjusted properly
  3. When the 16 characters are entered, tap on the Rent button ( 2 )
  4. If the code is correct a confirm message is received:

    If the code is wrong, the error code is returned.
  5. When the message is acknowledge, the screen shows immediately the actual status of the timers with their value ( 3 )