The battery automatically and by default becomes a ‘client’ of a network called “BLUESHAPE Granite Link”, if this network exists.

This network is generated for instance by our portable GRANITE Link Wi-Fi router, a solution that offers a convenient connectivity on the field.

More batteries can be on this same network at the same time and within this mode, the same device (a smartphone, tablet, PC) also connected to the same network can monitor several batteries.

The battery has the ability to be connected to any other 2.4Ghz 802.11 b/g/n network, and to do so the user has to instruct the battery through the GRANITE Link App.

Once the battery is connected to a new network and has acquired an IP, this network becomes a preferred one and the pack will attempt to connect to it every time at start-up; if not available the battery will try to connect to any other preferred networks it has already connected to, if these exists.

BLUESHAPE Granite Link” has the topmost priority among the preferred networks: if it exists, the battery connects automatically.

A battery is in Client Mode when:

  • There is a portable access point (GRANITE Link Wi-Fi router), or
  • There is a third party network (conventional Access point like for example, a camera equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity) and the battery has therefore been instructed to connect with this preferred network.

Please read Connect the battery to a different network to learn how to do