4-Battery UN Certified Flight Case


  • UN Certified and Approved according to the UN Model Regulation for the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  • IATA compliant for the transport of UN3480 Li-Ion batteries under Packing Instructions 965 1A
  • The certification is restricted to BLUESHAPE GRANITE and GRANITE TWO models: BV270HD, BV190HD, BV270HD SPLASH, BV190HD SPLASH, BV225
  • The case is tested and certified to carry up to 4 batteries of the above models. Combinations of models is permissible.
  • Max approved gross weight at transport - 10 Kg
  • Lightweight, IP67 waterproof, unbreakable case with ergonomic handle
  • Automatic valve to automatically self adjusts the internal air pressure
  • Heavy duty latches designed to remain closed even if the case falls
  • Reinforced corners for maximum impact resistance
  • Size: 405 x 330 x 170mm (15.94" x 12.99" x 6.69")
  • Weight: 2.57Kg (5.67lbs) - without batteries


BLUESHAPE offers an innovative solution for greater convenience and safety when travelling or shipping lithium-ion batteries greater than 100Wh
by air. Current IATA regulations for passengers limit batteries to 2 between 100-160Wh and any reasonable number below 100Wh. Any larger batteries or a higher quantity must be shipped with special packaging and markings and under many circumstances cannot be shipped on passenger aircraft.

IATA Regulation, Packing Instructions 965 Section 1A recently amended, states that only cargo flight can accept packages containing Li-ion batteries approved under UN3480 designation. Nowadays this is the only possible way to ship batteries larger than 100Wh by air. The stringent shipping procedures impose the usage of special UN approved packaging.

BLUESHAPE, in cooperation with a leading manufacturer of professional cases, has created a dedicated solution for the best-selling BLUESHAPE larger models BV190HD, BV225, BV270HD, BV190HD SPLASH and BV270HD SPLASH, both GRANITE and GRANITE TWO series.
These cases have been certified in accordance with UN regulations and have a unique omologation number from an international body, thus guaranteeing the user, more peace of mind for transporting batteries by air.

BX4 case has an impact-resistant outer case. The interior has high-density cushioning foam to eliminate and chance of interior contact. Each battery is segregated in individual compartments. When a BLUESHAPE battery is shipped in this case with the provided contact covers in place, the chance of damage during flight is reduced to zero. The number of batteries allowed in each case is specifically calculated to comply with the UN3480 regulations.

The BLUESHAPE unique omologation number and the UN3480 deisgnation are printed on the cases, while the other mandatory markings are offered in the package as robust stickers that the user can apply and remove if needed:
  • 5x CAO stickers (Cargo Aircrafy Only)
  • 5x Class 9 stickers
  • 5x Shipper/Consignee sticker, to be villed in every time the case is used to ship batteries

  • This case can be used to ship up to 4 lithium ion batteries with airlines and couriers accepting UN3480 batteries falling under PI965 1A.
  • BLUESHAPE wish to make it explicitly clear that usage of this case does not empower users to ignore the regulations and restrictions laid out by IATA for the air transport of Lithium ion batteries.
  • Users are also reminded that the certification covers only the designated BLUESHAPE batteries. We cannot assume any responsibility if other 3rd party batteries are used.
  • Users are reminded that different countries and airlines may chose to have their own additional restrictions and regulations.
  • Users may want to print the current Dangerous Goods Regulations and keep the information with the case as well as the case certification.
  • All airlines should be familiar with the design and development of dedicated packing solutions for dangerous goods.
  • Airlines will consider the li-ion content of other passengers as well as items in these cases to determine whether the items can be accepted for shipping.
  • Airlines, at their discretion, may divert the case to an aircraft with lesser quantity of dangerous goods or refuse it entirely.



Swivelling and ergonomic handle
Watertight 2-step latches
Self adjusting purge valve
Preformed special cushioning foam
Battery pockets
Special case profile with neoprene O-ring for watertight case closure
Document pocket
Battery layout example
Precutted finger holes for easy battery removal
Unique UN certification logo and number
UN product number and designation with net weight indication
CAO mandatory sticker (Cargo Aircraft Only). It is suggested to respect this layout to avoid stickers overlap.
Shipper/Consignee mandatory sticker. This sticker must be duly filled-in before each shipment. It is suggested to respect this layout to avoid stickers overlap.
Class 9 mandatory sticker (Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods). It is suggested to respect this layout to avoid stickers overlap.


BX4 sticker layout
BX4 battery layout
BX4 package content wit...



BX4 Operator Manual - Version:1.0 (518.79 KB) Operator manual for BX4 in English

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