Compact and Powerful 95Wh Li-Ion battery pack, High-Drain, Wi-Fi enabled, with a rock solid construction incorporating 2x D-Tap connectors enabled for charging


  • Reduced form factor: only 95 x 116 x 58 mm (3.74" x 4.56" x  2.28")
  • GRANITE LINK, Wi-Fi enabled remote control
  • 2 Auxiliary D-Taps (nominal 14.4V) provide maximum power, up to the battery permissible current draw. Both can be used as a charging inlet
  • GRANITE construction, robust, shockproof and IP54 certified
  • Fully compatible with original 3-Stud chargers
  • Nominal Voltage: 14.4V
  • Voltage range: 10.8V ~ 16.8V
  • Nominal Capacity: 6.6Ah, 95Wh
  • Max. discharge current: 12A
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Weight: 0.67Kg (1.48lbs)


BLUESHAPE is upgrading the GRANITE line-up, proudly introducing GRANITE MINI 3-Stud - the new series of small, compact and powerful battery packs, ideal for smaller cinema cameras, featuring the innovative and handy Wi-Fi connectivity.
Introducing GRANITE LINK
granite link combo 03

The GRANITE construction features remarkable resistance to impacts and bumps, ideal for harsh production environments.
Discover the features of GRANITE
Advanced modular design
The lithium ion cells are secured inside the pack in a carefully designed and reinforced modular cage. All the metal interconnections and the electronic BMS board are integrated with the cells making a single core. No wiring is used. The metal, cell-to-cell tabs have been thickened using lower resistance alloy for improved welding strength and superior electrical conductivity.
D-Tap sockets are modularly deployed on each pack side and externally protected with snap on rubber caps.
Rock Solid Construction
The external V-Bracket is screwed to the inner core through the bottom case, by means of a reinforcement metal plate.
The outer battery pack shells wrap the inner core and clamp it with 8 perimeter screws.
A coloured rubber gasket is sandwiched in the middle between the outer shells to improve water resistivity apart from giving the battery, a smarter look.
Superior resin
The outer shells are made of 4mm thick automative grade plastic resin featuring superb toughness and impact resistance even at low temperatures.
IP54 Certified
The superior GRANITE construction features an outer shell and insulations rated IP54 that guarantee protection and safety of operations against dust and water.
Improved overall pack longevity
The battery system as a whole will benefit from this robustness because of the reduced risk of internal disconnection or malfunction caused by unexpected crashes thus extending the overall pack life expectancy.

As a result all these significant technical improvements BLUESHAPE GRANITE battery packs are virtually indestructible. We have subjected them to intensive testing and we can safely say that such batteries can withstand several drops from heights up to 2 metres without suffering internal and external critical damages that render them unusable.


This streamlined battery pack features high draw and world class Li-Ion chemistry that provides superior and long lasting electrochemical performances in a reduced core, making this battery perfect for high demanding video applications.

This battery is fully compatible with the 3-Stud standard: it can be charged correctly and with full communication on most original 3-Stud chargers available on the market. Furthermore, when it is installed on cameras enabled with fully functional 3-Stud mounts, it communicate the Relative State of charge (%) to the camera viewfinder.

Featuring a 5 LED precise gauge for accurate capacity display integrated with state-of-the-art battery safety, balancing and monitoring technology and also providing digital communication with enabled devices. Furthermore, this battery provides 2 additional power outlets through D-Tap sockets conveniently located on the battery sides, protected by rubber covers. Both outlets are directly connected to the battery terminals for maximum power on the D-Tap ports, and can also be used for immediate and intuitive charging using inexpensive AC-DC D-Tap style chargers. They can be conveniently used to power devices working at 14.4V nominal, or even USB powered gadgets and chargers through the PT-USB adapter.

No IATA restrictions, transportable in reasonable quantities in hand luggage only, or in the checked-in luggage if installed in the equipment.


LED gauge and push button for capacity check. Each LED accounts for 20% of state of charge, when steady lit, and 10% when flashing. When the capacity falls below 10% the lower (right-most) LED blinks. Press and hold the push button for at least 5sec to enable and disable the embedded Wi-Fi module.
Rubberised coloured gasket for shock absorption and water resistance improvement
Left auxiliary outputs from D-Tap sockets (14.4V nominal) directly connected to pack terminals for maximum power availability, enabled as charging inlet for usage with BLUESHAPE D-Tap chargers
High endurance rubber caps for protection of the D-Tap sockets when not in use
Right auxiliary outputs from D-Tap sockets (14.4V nominal) directly connected to pack terminals for maximum power availability, enabled as charging inlet for usage with BLUESHAPE D-Tap chargers
Outer case tightened by 8 screws for maximum toughness and case rigidity during impacts and shocks
3-Stud mount fittings
Contact block able to withstand high current draws up to 12A. It provide all the required electronics data communication with camera viewfinder and original 3-stud chargers
Robust thick-walled housing made of special plastic resin for superior impact resistance. The battery can withstand several drops from altitudes of up to 2 metres without breaking or suffering internal damage
Rear product label showing model, capacity, rating, serial number and calculated lithium content. Further details include safety instuctions, CE marking and recycle and disposal symbols


BG095HDmini front
BG095HDmini back
BG095HDmini left
BG095HDmini right


June 2018

Iconic Shane Hurlbut taks about the advantages of GRANITE MINIs
Apart from the amazing power capacity in such a compact volume together with the unique patented Wi-Fi features, Shane also highlights the benefits of the compactness and the perfect streamlining of these Minis when powering RED cameras.

October 2017

Watch this out! this is what we mean with GRANITE: our batteries are really rock solid! (courtesy of ONYX CINEMA)

September 2013

GRANITE V-Lock battery cliff test
The new GRANITE V-Lock batteries are really tough and rock solid, see what happens if they jump from a cliff...



GRANITE MINI 3-Stud series Operator Manual - Version:1.0 (1.70 MB) GRANITE MINI 3-Stud series operator manual



BG095HDmini CE Certificate - Version:1.0 (160.18 KB) CE certificate of conformity for BG095HDmini
BG095HDmini Transport Certificate - Version:1.0 (226.79 KB) UN38.3 IATA Transport declaration for BG095HDmini
MSDS - Version:1.6 (73.0 KB) Material Safety Data Sheet for batteries

Application Notes

IATA Li-Ion Air Transport guide - Version:2014 (121.94 KB) 2014 update of the IATA air transport regulations for rechargeable lithium ion, with a dedicated focus on BLUESHAPE batteries range

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