Belt Mount adapter with dual voltage power output and 2 pin D-tap


  • Dual Output voltage at XLR:
    #1: standard battery voltage ranging from 16.8V to 11V
    #2: regulated output at 8.4V (ideal for all 7.4V systems)
  • Additional lateral D-Tap connector
  • Size: 148 x 82 x 40mm (5.60" x 3.23" x 1.57")
  • Weight: 0.55Kg (1.21lbs)


Small lightweight V-Mount system that can be suspended from any waist belt (not provided) by means of a secure spring clip installed on the rear of the device that makes MVBELT easy to insert and remove.
Allows the installation of a BV series type battery (or any V-Mount battery) and provides 3 alternative and simultaneous power sources:
1. a nominal 14.8V through an XLR connector.
2. a steady and regulated 8.4V available through the same XLR connector (ideal for all 7.4V systems).
3. a nominal 14.8V through a D-Tap connector.
Versatile and ideal solution for DV cameras, portable light systems and additional equipment designed to power several devices from the same battery.
Special cables with battery adapters or connectors are available to fit the most popular Mini-DV camcorders.



MVBELT Operator Manual - Version:2.0 (121.83 KB) Operator manual for MVBELT in English

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