BLUESHAPE is ready to power ALEXA LF

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The new large format camera from ARRI® has demanding power requirements that excludes the usage of common camera batteries.
BLUESHAPE has created the missing link: an elegant battery mount that features a state of the art, highly-efficient, power converter for utilizing regular V-Mount or 3-Stud batteries.
There is no need to arm yourself with new gear of a different standard. MVAL-LF is a new concept for powering-up the ALEXA® LF at a proper voltage using conventional V-Lock batteries, meaning that standard 14.4V High-Draw batteries are sufficient to meet the demands of the camera.
MVAL-LF is a mount to be installed on the back of the ALEXA® LF and it provides a regulated 21V to the camera from standard V-Lock batteries, doubling up also as a secondary power source for hot-swap operations when the camera is powered from external DC sources.
all the power the camera needs with an efficiency of 95% or higher and therefore minimizing the battery load. Since the camera needs can be in excess of 160W, it is suggested to use batteries that have adequate performance to meet demand. BLUESHAPE is introducing the new HDplus series of standard V-Lock and 3-Stud batteries, the perfect choice for this operation.
The HDplus batteries can discharge up to 20A, more than 200W, and this without affecting the battery safety or the system integrity. For this reason, they are the perfect choice for ALEXA® LF in combination with the interface adapter MVAL-LF.
Depending on the ALEXA® LF settings, these 3 models can power the camera for about 40 minutes, 80minutes, 120minutes respectively, considering an average camera consumption around 150W.
The power adapter for ALEXA® LF is available in 2 versions, both featuring the same performances: MVAL-LF for V-Lock batteries MGAL-LF for 3-Stud batteries
Similarly, the family of HDplus batteries is available with the two mounting options.
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