November 2013

BLUESHAPE GRANITE batteries tested by TONEART shop in Germany
TONEART Shop, one of our german reseller, made this comic video to show how strong are our new GRANITE V-Lock batteries.

September 2013

BroadcastShow Interview BLUESHAPE on GRANITE
Our leading engineer Mr. Mario Ellul talks to BroadcastShow about the virtually indestructible batteries (including a drop test!) on our stand at IBC 2013.

September 2013

GRANITE V-Lock battery cliff test
The new GRANITE V-Lock batteries are really tough and rock solid, see what happens if they jump from a cliff...

September 2013

The IBC 2013 product reel
A video presentation of the hottest BLUESHAPE products.

June 2013

MovieTech Alpha Dolly - the light and flexible camera dolly
MovieTech presents the new Alpha Dolly - the first electromechanical column, powered by standard BLUESHAPE BV270HD battery packs!
To learn more about the Alpha Dolly go to

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